American Pickleball Tour


Sept 13-15, 2024


We’re serving up the Ultimate Pickleball Experience. Doubles and Singles: Round Robin format tournament for ALL skills and ALL age brackets from 14+ to 60+.

Registration includes indoor play on many courts with three levels of medals per bracket, swag bag, visor, hand towel & more!

BUT – we’re more than just Pickleball! Plan to hang out for the weekend – including fun games, best-dressed prizes, special evening events, and the opportunity to explore the city!

Let’s Go OMAHA!

Event Info

Welcome to the Omaha American Pickleball Tournament – a Pickleball tournament like none other.

The tournament will be an exciting and fun format and hosted in a unique indoor venue at the CHI Health Center, 455 N 10th St, Omaha, NE 68102, September 13-15, 2024.

Along with pickleball play, there will be a large social component added to the entire weekend. And if this is your first time playing, fantastic! Our tournament is PERFECT for you!

Young and wise, beginner to advanced – APT is for all!

While you’re there, why not get a taste of what Omaha has to offer? Experience Omaha has put together a great list of fare and fun guaranteed to show you a good time while you’re visiting.

In the heart of Nebraska, tradition and tomorrow pair perfectly. As a creative hub that’s fed by university and capital city communities, a gritty spirit and vibrant energy can be felt all around. It’s a city where stately buildings buzz with new businesses and centuries-old sites give rise to fresh perspectives – all this in the midst of surrounding natural beauty.

What You Need to Know

Tournament Registration

Registration is made easy and convenient just for you. You can register online HERE

$55.00 Early Bird Registration Open Until June 23, 2024
$10.00 Per Each Event (gender doubles, singles, and mixed doubles)

$65.00 Registration Open Until August 1, 2024
$10.00 Per Each Event (gender doubles, singles, and mixed doubles)

$70.00 Final Deadline Registration Open Until August 31, 2024
$10.00 Per Each Event (gender doubles, singles, and mixed doubles)

All pickleball participants will receive a APT visor and towel, along with an invitation to all social gatherings for the weekend. Please note some gatherings will require an additional fee. Shirts are available for $10 at the time of registration.

Tournament Timeline

Full Tournament Timeline Coming Soon!


Friday, September 13, 2024
-Men’s Singles Skill/Age
-Women’s Singles Skill/Age
-Evening: Open Play $10.00 for Registered Participants, $20.00 for the General Public

Saturday, September 14, 2024
-Mixed Doubles Skill/Age
-Evening: Social Event

Sunday, September 15, 2024
-Men’s Doubles Skill/Age
-Women’s Doubles Skill/Age
-Closing Ceremonies

Tournament Format

The American Pickleball Tournament will be played in a Round Robin style bracket and then following the Round Robin, larger brackets will be seeded into a single elimination bracket.

Tournament Skill/Age Breakdown:

(Tournament has the right to combine age and/or skill categories due to low registrations)


Women’s Doubles Skill/Age
Men’s Doubles Skill/Age
Mixed Doubles Skill/Age

Men’s Singles Skill/Age
Women’s Singles Skill/Age

New to Pickleball? WE WANT YOU!
First Time Doubles Open to those at least 14 years of age!

Tournament Results

All 2024 Tournament Results will be posted here LIVE during and final results will be posted after the event.

Top three in each event/skill/age bracket will receive an APT Gold, Silver, Bronze Medal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

When is the Omaha Pickleball Tournament?

The tournament will start on Friday, September 13 and end on Sunday, September 15.

How can I register for the Pickleball Tournament?

You can register online here: https://pickleballbrackets.com/ptd.aspx?eid=107bf35d-4451-431f-875a-8abffef4b698

Is there Age Requirement?

The minimum age to participant in any of the APT Tournaments is 14.

When is the Last Day to Register for the Omaha Pickleball Tournament?

The last day to register is Friday, August 31, 2024 at 12pm (CST).

How do I register under my skill and age level?

During the registration process, you will be asked to dictate your age group and skill level. If you already have an account on Pickelballtournamnets.com it will automatically list your skill. If you want to play up, please select override.

Is the APT Tournament Sanctioned?

As of now, the APT Tournament is not sanctioned.

What does the APT swag include?

All registered participants will receive an APT Visor along with a APT hand towel and other Swag TBA. Shirts are available at the time of registration for an additional $10.

How much does the tournament cost and what does it cover?

The tournament starts at $55 to register plus $10 for each event (gender doubles, singles and mixed doubles) BE WARE OF PRICE INCREASES!

Tournament Questions

Is the APT an Outdoor or Indoor Tournament?

The APT is an Official Indoor Tournament played on concrete.

How is the format of the Tournament played?

The tournament will be played in a round-robin style play per skill/age. The larger brackets will be seeded into a single elimination tournament that will follow the round robin play.

How many games are guaranteed?

While we can't guarantee, we anticipate teams will get a minimum of three games in the round robin play and larger brackets will be seeded into a single elimination tournament.

Do I have to sign-up my partner at the same time I register?

No, all participants must register individually. You each will create a profile on Pickleballtournaments.com if you don't already have one and be able to select your partner at the time of registration.

What if I need help finding a partner?

Please visit https://www.pickleballtournaments.com/tournamentinfo.pl?tid=6896# if you would like assistance in finding a partner.

What are the Court Dimensions?

A pickleball court is 20’ x 44’ for both singles and doubles. The net is hung at 36” at the ends and hangs 34” in the middle.

What is the Primary Tournament Ball Used?


What type of Nets will be provided?


What surface will the matches be played on?

Poured Concrete.

Do I need to bring my own paddle or will those be provided?

Paddles will not be provided. Please bring your own Pickleball Paddles. Balls, Nets, and Courts will be provided.

Volunteer Questions

Where Can I Sign Up To Volunteer?

You can sign up here: COMING SOON!

What Volunteer Opportunities are Available?

The volunteer opportunities are endless. Some include: Registration/Check-In, Match Coordinators/Info, and More!

What do I receive when I volunteer?

You will receive an APT shirt, food/drink, and our continual gratitude!

Have a question?

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 847-829-4536.